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We build our reputation on effective strategies and lasting results!

As a leading Public Relations agency, we have access to premium digital, print, and streaming media networks. We have built our reputation for effective strategies and lasting results for our clientele. Over the past decade, we have leveraged close-knit relationships with media markets on an international level. Our team at West Levy PR is known for game-changing press campaigns that position our clients at the top of their industry.

Media Relations

People often ask, “is public relations (PR) and media relations the same thing?” The terms are not synonymous, as media relations targets the relationships between the agency and the media. Public relations is the relationship between the brand and the public.

Our team uses media outlets to provide coverage for our client’s stories.

At West Levy PR, we take pride in the fact that we can credibly catch the attention of journalists around the globe to gain earned media coverage for our clients.

Media relations are essential to the expansion and building of your goals throughout your campaign. It is at the core of every client program we offer.

We have built media relationships that translate into earned media placements for our clientele.

At WestLevy PR, our specialists know that it is essential to work hand in hand with the media. We have spent a decade building trusted relationships with the most esteemed journalists in the world.

Our experts have acquired earned media interviews for our clients in respected digital outlets around the world.

Our team will provide you with invaluable access to the public through our experts. They will leverage data to spot emerging trends that are ripe for media attention.

The quality of earned media coverage our clients have gained is the result of the execution of a detailed marketing and press campaign by leading experts in mass communication.

Brand Marketing

The first step in every brand marketing strategy is how to effectively define your brand. This is a critical first step that most companies and individuals overlook when trying to create a compelling brand experience for their target audience and clientele.

Before a launch, or relaunch, you must carefully consider the best way to serve your demographic in order to retain a loyal and returning client base.

What sets you and/or your brand apart from your competition. Focus on that and build your brand’s marketing plan with that initial concept.

Campaign Development

In today’s ever evolving digital landscape, press campaigns need to compliment a thoroughly devised marketing plan. With our clientele stemming from various industries such as entertainment, corporate, fashion and even non-profit sectors, we take the time to create custom tailored plans of action for each brand. 

At West Levy PR, we work diligently to provide a thought out 90 day campaign 

which will include a marketing strategy as well as a comprehensive media plan.Whether our clients need a grassroots campaign, guerilla marketing or a more conventional digital marketing campaign incorporating Google Adwords and SEO, the team at West Levy PR puts your needs and goals first every time. Our agency’s skilled media team works together to develop a fresh and effective campaign to ensure maximum impact with measurable results.

Media Training

For most individuals, public speaking does not come naturally, hence the need for media training for spokespersons that will be at the forefront of their brand. Often times, the team at West Levy PR will start our clients out with online and print editorials as an introduction to the media while their marketing campaign begins. As our client’s brands begin to receive more significant exposure online and in the media, we prepare our clientele with media training for the more significant exposure in television, radio and podcast interviews. 

The Public Relations experts at West Levy PR help our clients achieve a sense of confidence and control when approaching on-air interviews with the media. The elements we incorporate throughout our media training include:

  • How to think like reporters so that you can anticipate the journalist’s questions and the ability to provide intelligent, clear and press friendly responses. 
  • Practice interview exercises in which our clients are asked industry specific questions in a mock “on air” environment via Facetime or Skype with a trainer who acts as the journalist conducting the interview.

  • Evaluations with the client and the team in which the series of mock interviews are reviewed. Together, we evaluate the client’s verbal responses, body language, facial expressions and overall presentation in order to properly prepare for upcoming television, radio and live streaming interviews to be booked by West Levy PR on our client’s behalf.