As public relations continues to grow and change through the proliferation of social media, it is important to look at the women who have become an important part of this public relations shift. The most influential women in PR today focus not only on their own business-to-business clients, but they affect the field across the board, opening up new ideas and channels for their colleagues and followers in the future.

For anyone who is looking for mentors in the PR world, take a look at the following list of four women who dominate the field and are helping to take PR to new levels of effectiveness.

Since its inception in 2010, West Levy PR created a secure niche as a small and sharp communications firm. Providing everything from marketing consulting, copywriting and copy editing, and social networking prowess, Heather West continues her reign proving her worth as an industry leader.

Ms. West has been learning the skills necessary to start her firm while wearing various hats and working in different industries, including a private school, non-profit organizations, and as a publicist at USA Networks. When the company started, she brought in the help of hand-picked specialist team members.

Along with her firm, she continues to work with clients serving as leaders in their respective industries. She and her team also focus on green practices and products striving to work with like-minded clients as part of the company’s mission.

In a 2011 interview Ms. West said, “We incorporated exclusive relationships with the best of the best to also include website design, SEO, and professional photographers to make certain our clients receive a full, customized package.” This was part of what they wanted to do as they established to firm.


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