Meet Heather West, the co-founder of 1st Class Artist Management.  a boutique artist management company that works with music artists to help provide individualized branding, management, and public relations direction. As anyone who’s worked in the music industry knows, finding your niche can be extremely demanding, so having a dedicated team to work on your branding is ever-essential.

I chatted with Heather about some of the branding secrets she’s learned (and used on her clients) from her vast experience in the PR, music, fashion, philanthropic, and entertainment industries.

Here’s what you’ll learn in today’s post:

  1. The story of Heather’s path to founding a music management company
  2. How tough business challenge in 2012 reinforced Heather’s value to her clients
  3. Why social media engagement is more important than the amount of followers you have
  4. 3 online tools you can use to help analyze your branding and social efforts
  5. How Heather’s “caffeine addiction” helped her grow her branding on Instagram
  6. Why all brands should aim for a “global” presence
  7. How her “no- nonsense” attitude has helped her land clients and build relationships over the years.…and more!

My biggest takeaway? Engagement is super important. Find ways to talk to your audience and provide content that drives them to take action. (Read More)


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